About us

Mertz Travel Poland is a modern brand and a pioneering premium project in hospitality industry. It was created as a result of years’ of experience of specialists from tourism, events and HoReCa sectors. We create tailored service packages  for individuals, couples, families, groups, companies and institutions.

All services are always realised at the highest possible level as we base our business on Gottlieb Daimler’s maxim “The best or nothing”.

Mertz.Travel offer an unprecedented level of service and a unique form of assistance due to restrictions as well as  in response to the current expectations of global tourism users. This is a guarantee of quality, satisfaction, unforgettable impressions and magical memories.

What makes us unique:

"Sterility of services"- we guarantee the highest level of safety according to the current official UE sanitary and hygiene requirements and standards,

"Flexibility"- we custom our program to any wish,

"Discretion" - we ensure maximum of confidentiality of our Guests,

"Preciseness"- we take care of every, even smallest detail. What is a bit of an overstatement for others, is the key to success for us,

"Small groups" - each service is provided just for you and the people you have invited to attend,

Care - our tour leader/ travel assistant is always on duty, even if the service is for one Guest,

Tailored programs - we only provide personalised services. Every client is different and has subjective expectations, which we highly respect. Routine and templates are not for us,

Value added - we like to make surprises. We always try to make sure that the service includes something extra, unique and unexpected. All of those will make the memories even richer,

Restrictions – we would bring them only if the service have a negative impact on health or life of our Guest, people around or on the environment.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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