'Aristotle Onassis' Bentley R Type

This legendary car belongs to an elite group of post-war classics that have become ‘collectible’ almost since production ceased. Art, science and engineering came together as never before to create a car that managed to reconcile supreme performance and regal refinement. Inside, it was a car that exuded glamour and luxury. The quality was unparalleled and the details exquisite: from the interior lighting to the rich walnut finish with contrasting straight grain, the finest leather and thick Wilton carpeting to the smooth operation of the Yale ignition key. The world seems a better place as seen from
inside this Bentley.

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Interesting facts

It was the fastest original four-seat car in the world on its day, capable of speeds of 120 miles per hour. It was also the most expensive production car on Earth. It was initially produced mainly for export and foreign customers like Briggs Cunningham and Aristotle Onassis.

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