Energylandia means world-class entertainment, top service and the highest safety standards. More than 1.5 million guests are visiting the park annually. Attractions boast a cohesive, carefully designed theming, scenography and decor, and are divided into 6 zones:

Bajkolandia and the Family Zone offers attractions for whole families.

Extreme zone  is the absolute best fun for those who want to face their fears. It is a maximum dose of adrenaline, fun and excitement. This zone is unquestionably ruled by the Mega Coaster Hyperion, the biggest (77m) and the fastest (142km/h) roller-coaster in Europe in its category, and the Water Coaster Speed , setting the world record among water coasters.

Water Park is a tropical island and relaxing area with lots of attractions and water fun. It also includes Tropical Fun (the largest open water park in Poland), which allows you to have fun on 14 slides, such as RMF Maxxx Kamikaze – known as a drop-slide or Exotic Fun – the one of its kind in the country!

Dragon Town is where the streets resemble the medieval gothic, epic architecture, grand castle ruins and all of that made of wood and stone. The main attraction of Dragon Town is the tallest in the world Wooden Coaster Zadra, which reaches the speed of 121 km/h.

Aqualantis area impresses not only with its size (6 hectares) but also with its water related vibes. The oceanic styled environment reminding the undersea ancient city of Atlantis hides many attractions. The greatest treasure of Aqualantis is the flagship Abyssus which is a 7 ton machine, with a speed of up to 100 km/h reaching a height of over 38 meters.


Energylandia has also numerous food establishments, including Moya Formula Restaurant with an area of over 1000 m2 and huge car parks able to accommodate several thousand cars.


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