Klezmer Music

An extraordinary musical event featuring outstanding local klezmer music bands. It used to be music associated with Jewish religious rituals, but over the years it evolved into entertainment music played during Jewish weddings and ceremonies.

Klezmer music is based on the national culture of the Jews living in south-eastern ┬Čand central Europe. Although it originates in the tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Southeastern Europe, the genre was mostly influenced by Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Polish, and Turkish music.

The repertoire consists of instrumental pieces, connected with the folklore of Reform Judaism, and of songs performed in Yiddish, belonging to the tradition of Orthodox Judaism.

For the offer you can add:

Ecological vehicle (Melex) pick-up and transport from the hotel to the concert hall. Price: 50 PLN (up to 5 person).

Price per person

60 PLN


approx. 1 hour




No restrictions

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